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Information Management Toolkit                                                   Access IM Toolkit

The IM Toolkit is a set of online resources to help local authorities effectively and efficiently manage their information and records. The toolkit is regularly maintained to ensure it is up-to-date with the latest best practice and legislation.

The benefits of the toolkit include:

    • Improving access to local authority information and records
    • Assisting with legislation and statutory compliance
    • Enabling service improvement through effective information management
    • Providing a resource that enables ALGIM members to upskill in the IM arena
    • Providing the tools to manage information effectively and efficiently
    • Efficient use of resources through sharing the costs of the toolkit development
    • Reducing the need to engage with external service providers.

The toolkit comprises of core modules that dive into the detail of specific IM concepts and processes. The modules are complemented by a range of factsheets, which also outline some of the more general IM themes and cover current IM hot topics. The modules are arranged in three categories:

    • Modules that lay the foundations for Information Governance
    • Modules that outline IM Best Practice
    • Modules that Support the Business

Most modules typically contain two components:

    1. how the module should be used and the methodology of the development of the tool
    2. generic templates and useful forms that can be used to assist with the development of the tool.

Each factsheet and module is developed, reviewed and/or updated by working groups consisting of representatives from local authorities. The responsibilities of the ALGIM IM Toolkit Working Group include:

    • Reviewing the content of the appropriate module to ensure it meets the business requirements of local authorities
    • Providing suggestions for improvement to the ALGIM IM Project Lead
    • Ensuring the appropriate module of the toolkit is legislative and statutory compliant.

We encourage councils to provide us with feedback and ideas on how the toolkit can be further enhanced to meet their information management needs. Please send any feedback to

If you have any queries, please contact

Purchase the toolkit

The toolkit is available for a one-off payment, followed by an annual maintenance fee. The maintenance fee ensures all subscribers receive regular updates to keep the toolkit current with changes to legislation and the IM environment.

If your council is a subscriber but you don’t have access to the IM Toolkit resources and would like access, please apply by completing the request ALGIM IM Toolkit access online form.

For latest pricing, contact

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