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IM Consultancy

ALGIM are experts in local government information and records management. We can provide a variety of consultancy services that will ensure your council's information is managed well, and complies with all the relevant legislation.

Consultancy services

ALGIM can assist with developing a:

  • Business Classification Scheme

  • IM Strategy

  • IM Roadmap

  • IM Policy

  • Disposal Schedule

We also provide:

  • IM Audits to check your compliance with the Public Records Act 2005 and the Archives NZ Information and Records Management Standard
  • Assistance with the appraising and sentencing of your archives

We are happy to provide professional and practical advice on all IM matters, and discuss more extensive consultancy work if required.

What our customers said:

‘Lesley was a great help to our organisation with the ALGIM IM Audit that she completed. She did a very thorough audit and is excellent to work with.’ - Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Contact us

If you're interested in any of our consultancy services, or would like to discuss further options, please email Jonathan Moffat on

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