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Manage your delegations register headaches with LocoDELEGATIONS

ALGIM and LocoSOFT - bringing local government solutions you need


Delegation registers are crucial. ALGIM, with the assistance of Efinity Digital, have developed LocoDelegations, an all-digital, delegations register designed specifically for local government. This register was fully legally reviewed by Simpson Grierson in March 2024 and will continue to be reviewed regularly.

Online customer-facing view

LocoDELEGATIONS allows individual councils to have an option of a public link on their website of their delegations register. The public can look up the register to search for information.  The public view shows the departments/teams responsible for the delegation, not individual names.


When the council user logs into LocoDELEGATIONS they are greeted by the dashboard display of the delegation system. This provides data to the user at a quick glance that is important or relevant. The following initial items have been identified as KPI information for delegation’s management and are displayed on the dashboard, others can be added:

  • Latest delegations that have recently been added by not assigned/managed (permission dependent)
  • Renewal of Officer warrants (for access to private property for example)
  • Traffic light display on all core functions that must be filled or completed
  • Last few recorded memos from the CE
  • Recent resolutions and actions from these memos
  • Recording of resolutions (which can be traced back to meeting minutes) and date of adoption for each delegation – this shows when and where the delegation was made and ensures the integrity of the delegation.

Set up

Users have the following options to administer their system:

  • Setup four different profiles, admin, editor, user and member
  • Setup AD integration to your council AD or if no AD, then set up users and permissions
  • Setup branding and colours to match your council
  • Setup workflow(s)
  • Setup financial delegations
  • Setup notifications (email and reminders)

Delegations Register

From the dashboard, users can switch to the delegations register and filter or search for specific acts.

  • Smart search (starts auto-populating)
  • Search on any ‘key word’ over all Acts and download one or multiple acts that cover / applicable to that ‘key word’ as a pdf
  • Management of acts, delegations, roles and processes for those with the right permissions


Each instance comes pre-loaded with all the current New Zealand legislation that councils have powers under. This includes regional and territorial local authorities so there will be Acts and sections of Acts that are not applicable to all councils.  Legislation which is specific to a particular council can be added to the system (with Admin level access).

All new legislation will appear in “add new act”. The administrator can add the new act if applicable.

In the Acts section you can search, view, edit, import, or (with admin level access) delete an Act or regulation that is listed here.

Other sections

Other sections include:

  • Bylaws
  • FAQ
  • Financial Delegations
  • General Delegations
  • History
  • Introduction
  • Memos
  • My account and setup
  • Reports
  • Warrants


The system can be set up to send out reminders of upcoming warrant renewals and other important attributes that will expire.


Reporting will form one of the cornerstones of the system and we believe that the data that can be extracted from the system that, when combined with the low cost of the solution, will help drive adoption of the solution.

  • Acts or regulations without delegations
  • Updated legislation acts to be FLAGGED for acceptance
  • Officer warrants due to expire
  • Upcoming Bylaws that need reviewing
  • Latest legislation without delegations
  • Latest User access log

Security testing and SLAs

The application has been independently security tested and passed by Quantum Security.

There is a back-to-back SLA from Efinity Digital to ALGIM, with these support time frames. A full version of the SLA can be supplied on request.

Call Priority

Response time

Update frequency

Target Resolution time

Target Debriefing



30 minutes during normal business hours

4 hours outside of normal business hours.

1 hour

4 hours

Next day



1 hour during normal business hours

Best effort to respond outside of normal business hours.

2 hours

8 hours

If requested



2 hours during normal business hours

Best effort to respond outside of normal business hours.

1 day

2 – 5 days

If requested


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