ALGIM VENDOR WEBINAR: Reimagining Community Facility Bookings Software and Customer Journeys

  • 30 Jul 2021
  • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


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Imagine if booking local community facilities was as easy as finding accommodation on AirBnb?

This is a story of how councils can reinvent the customer journeys for finding booking and using community facilities - and solve a much wider problem in the process.

Many councils are looking at how to make it easier for the public to book and use their own facilities. However, these facilities cannot service all users. Communities feel like they do not have enough access to affordable meeting, sports and recreational facilities locally. We know there are many spaces that already exist, that could plug the gap in provisioning - like schools, churches, sports clubs and arts centres.
What if council could enable a bookable ecosystem of all these spaces?  What if they could provide an online hub for not just their own spaces to have state of the art bookings automation tooling, but that they could offer this to all local facilities so that everyone benefits together? What if council could get accurate bookings, revenue and utilisation data to measure the impact of increasing access to facilities on the 4 wellbeings?

Elle Bell, Managing Director of SpacetoCo presents a case study of Councils that are pioneering a new way of using technology to solve the community & facilities matchmaking problem. We will show how:

  • Councils can increase bookings revenue can increase by 30% through improving customer journeys
  • Automation can eliminate invoicing, payment collection, refunds, receipts, bond processes saving hours of time and reduce cash liabilities
  • Admin can reduced for bookings officers by 6-8 hours a week that can be used for programming, activation and the stuff that actually grows community engagement
  • Councils can use  this solution to open up ANY space to more bookings and use- from a sports club that takes $1k of bookings a year, to a multipurpose community centre taking $100K+ a year.
  • Councils are already innovating on this idea to solve other problems - like making it easy for communities to book trailers, storage or market stalls. 
  • We work collaboratively with Councils to rapidly create new features to solve gnarly bookings and payments problems.

SpacetoCo is copresenting this webinar with The Shire of Serpentine Jarradale in Western Australia. You'll hear first hand how they transformed their bookings journeys from a nightmare paper trail into a slick modern experience which is having a snowball effect on activation and community engagement in their local facility spaces. 

About the Presenters:  

Elle Bell

Managing Director, SpacetoCo

Elle Bell is a former Digital Transformation Executive from Accenture, who  decided to make a career pivot to refocus her skills on solving a problem she  really cared about. Frustrated with how difficult it is to find and book community facilities, Elle founded SpacetoCo New Zealand in collaboration with partners in Western Australia in 2018. Since then she has been working from the coal face of community spaces across Auckland, co-creating with facility administrators and community groups to build a technology product that solves the problem of matchmaking communities and spaces and removing the repetitive admin that places so many barriers to people booking. Blending her 'previous life' experience delivering multi million technology delivery programs and her deep knowledge of community space activation, engagement and facility management, Elle is uniquely positioned to advise and inspire Councils on how to use technology to deliver real outcomes for communities. SpacetoCo is rapidly emerging as the platform of choice for innovative councils who are looking at the bigger picture for the sustainable growth and usage of community facilities in our towns and cities. 

Asiya Khan Senior Property and Facilities Officer 
The Shire of Serpentine Jarradale

Asiya is the Senior Property and Facilities Officer at the Shire of Serpentine Jarradale. She lead the transformation of customer bookings journeys across a range of community and sporting facilities. 

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