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Web Audits

About the Web Audit

The ALGIM Web Audit is undertaken to provide a stock-take and trends of how councils are tracking to comply with web standards, enhance accessibility, increase their digital services, engagement and website presence within the local government sector.

The objectives delivered from the web audit results are to:

1. Identify a ranking of sites - celebrate those councils working to achieve compliance with web standards, enhance accessibility, and functionality; and provide justification for councils wishing to improve their site.

2. Record the current state of standards compliance, functionality, online services, accessibility, and best practice amongst council websites.

3. Drive change to improve the council interaction with their communities by having a web site that provides current information that is accessible for all age demographics and devices

This information is collated from the annual website snapshot survey, technical and human interaction audits. Audit results over time allow the trends in council sites to be tracked.
A decision made in 2023 to bring the auditing function of the Web Audit in house at ALGIM and the establishment of a Web Audit Working group has strengthened the audit process providing a new benchmarking survey to look at the digital experience across council websites. 

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