Global Covid-19 Digital & ICT Impact Survey

12 May 2020 11:30 AM | Anonymous

ALGIM is always looking for new ways in which we can support the digital and ICT needs of our members; something which is more important than ever during this time.

We are members of the international grouping called the Linked Organisation of Local Authorities (LOLA).

LOLA, together with Socitm in the UK and Major Cities of Europe (MCE), has created a Covid-19 Digital & ICT Impact Survey to allow us to provide our members/organisations with key insight into the challenges they, together with other businesses and organisations in their localities, are encountering. We would like your help to complete this short survey (15-20 minutes):

Take the survey

We aim to gain insight from all areas of activity, so we would appreciate if the survey link could be distributed to relevant members of your organisation to complete.

Gaining responses from a variety of local government organisations in the public sector, and also a wide scope of staff within them, will not only allow for us to provide comprehensive and in depth results to you, but will also allow you to examine these by location, sector, size and more.

We aim to obtain, as widely as possible, a global insight into the challenges being faced by local government organisations and how they are adapting.

Our survey is also unique in that the results will be tracked over time, providing you with adaptable insight over time to the changing challenges arising and digital tools available as we transition through lockdown and to the new ‘normal’, allowing you to understand the key areas to focus on with a vision of what the wider public sector is facing and doing to adapt.

We would appreciate your help in completing this short survey. We would like to collect he first phase of submissions by the end of May – it should only take 15 to 20 minutes, and we will be providing results within 2 weeks of this phase one.

Planting the flag - a new local normal

LOLA have also put together a document that provides an initial outline on how local government can emerge from the crisis with a new sense of purpose, without reverting to the way things were.

This is about making the most of the rapid changes we've been implementing over the past couple of months, and using them to come out the other side more engaged with our communities, and equipped for the future.

Read the document

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