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National standardisation of local government processes

Pilot project 

In 2024 we began an exciting pilot project to tackle the challenge of having standard processes for councils.

Why are we doing this?

To achieve improved customer experience and satisfaction, enhanced service quality, consistency, better compliance, cost reductions, legislative compliance and to show that national standard business processes can be achieved. 

What have we done?

A workshop facilitated by ALGIM, was held in Wellington on Friday 3 May 2024. A big shout out to the ten participants from the following councils who shared and provided their expertise as subject matter experts: Upper Hutt City Council, Wellington City Council, Palmerston North City Council, Rangitikei District Council, Tasman District Council, Horowhenua District Council and New Plymouth District Council. 

The pilot provided a unique opportunity to partner, collaborate, learn, and shape a national best practice business process responseALGIM is pleased to lead this collaboration initiative across the sector. 

What have we achieved? 

Here are the three national best practice standardised processes that you can implement. 

When opening the high level process map through these links, you can see more details by clicking on each step. Make sure you click on the step form


What’s next? 

ALGIM is currently shaping a business process management framework and will take the lead role in owning the framework, coordinating, and supporting the initiative collaboratively with stakeholders across the board. 

With sector buy-in, there will be huge savings in time, better customer experiences, and staff will develop easier transferable skills. The cost savings of utilising standard processes, but not necessarily the same systems, could be in the $millions over the sector. 

What’s in it for you? 

  • Unique opportunity to collaborate, network, learn and shape a national response. 
  • Less time involved. 
  • Reduced cost and effort across all parties. 
  • May cover numerous services at once. 
  • Professional and transferrable skill opportunities. 
  • A pragmatic approach to reviews. 
  • ALGIM does the heavy lifting for you. 

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