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The power of mindset – 21 day mindset boost

For improved resilience, vitality and performance

Mindset development is one of the most powerful, yet easy to access tools we all have, when we know how. The three-factor hands-on workshop style learning framework of this course is designed to maximise your learning experience and create lasting mindset habits.

This three-week programme includes 3 x 120-minute-deep dive learning sessions. You will connect online each week for conversations, breakout chats, thought-provoking content, stories and examples.

Outline of the power of mindset programme

Session one -participants will learn:

  • how to create a successful learning experience
  • what mindset is
  • the three common mindset zones - survive, revive and thrive
  • the biology of the survival zone
  • how to create your own mindset habits
  • the foundations of a strong mindset
  • a self-assessment for the survive zone
  • creating ripple affect actions to keep your mindset learning alive.

Session two- participants will learn:

  • the power of mindset
  • the revive zone
  • go-to mindset tools for the revive zone
  • a self-assessment for the revive zone
  • mindset habits and identity
  • how to create your own revive zone mindset habits
  • applying revive zone practices.

Session three - participants will learn:

  • the thrive zone
  • traditional success vs true thriving
  • mindsets that help us thrive
  • creating your own recipe for true thriving
  • mindset shadows that can keep us stuck
  • how to anchor your mindset learnings.

How will you connect:

  • pre-session: mindset tune-in before each online session to help you transition into our learning environment and set up for optimal learning uptake
  • post-session integration: activities and actions after each online session to support the integration of your learning
  • learning materials: you will be provided with practical and relevant materials to help reinforce your connection and learning experience
  • habit creation: you will become part of our 'anchor-it' system to take action, stay connected between sessions, continually learn and keep new habits alive.

Group coaching approach

The three-factor learning framework is designed to maximise your learning experience and create lasting mindset habits.

We will

Energise thinking around the power of mindset and the formation of habits to better survive, revive and thrive.

Humanise by creating strong connections and syncing up with like-minded people to share and deepen the learning experience.

Mobilise, challenge and stretch thinking and ideas around the power of mindset and how to apply strategies to survive and thrive.

For more information, please contact ALGIM on admin@algim.org.nz 

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