IM Health Check

The Information Management Health Check is a compliance check for assessing the Information and Records Management systems and practices your Council is utilising.  It compares your management against the requirements of Archives New Zealand's mandatory Information and Records Management Standard 2016, as well as some requirements of the Public Records Act 2005 (PRA) that are related to Local Authorities.  

What our customers said:

‘Lesley was a great help to our organisation with the ALGIM IM Health check that she completed. She did a very thorough audit and is excellent to work with.’ - Bay of Plenty Regional Council


The purpose of the Health Check is to identify non-compliance Information Management activities.  There is no pass or fail, the results instead indicate which areas need to be focussed on to improve.  These results will provide a valuable benchmark and assist in your development of future Information and Records Management strategies and business plans.


There are a variety of ways your Council can benefit from the Information Management Health Check, including:

  • improvement of Information Management governance structure
  • increased effectiveness and efficiency
  • identifying the roles and responsibilities for managing information and records
  • improvement of Records Management systems including enhanced security and the development of business continuity plans
  • identification of information which is high risk/high value
  • Identify quick win-win solutions that could be implemented to produce immediate benefits
  • reduction of storage costs by identifying information which can be disposed of safely
  • compliance with legislation and standards


The Health Check’s scope includes assessment of key Information and Records Management documentation, activities, processes and controls for managing both electronic and paper records.  The assessment does not cover the functionality of an Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS).

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