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14 Dec 2018 3:31 PM | Anonymous

ActiveImage Protector solves operational challenges relating to migrating, restoring files or recovering entire system with a minimum of outage, no matter how large the system is that needs to be recovered. ActiveImage Protector can use your existing SAN for the virtual standby replica, or you can provision directly attached storage. This approach still provides you with almost instant  DR and doesn't rely on the SAN still being operational. A DR solution that relies on production infrastructure components has risks associated with it. Backup and DR Replica space is minimised by utilising source based de-duplication that reduces space by 65-75%.

There are two solutions in the ActiveImage product suite, ActiveImage Protector and IT Pro

ActiveImage IT Pro

For Technicians or SysAdmins, ActiveImage IT Pro solves the issue of efficiently backing up the entire system in a bare metal recovery state prior to working on the system. The portable IT Pro application runs off portable media (USB, DVD, ISO, Single EXE on a Network Share) and there is no requirement to install any software on the system being backed up. IT Pro also supports Physical to Physical, Physical to Virtual or Virtual to Virtual migrations as part of the AIR (Architecture Independent Restore) functionality built in to the application. Other features include de-duplication, unused sector backup and skip on bad sectors, plus a scripting CLI is available.

ActiveImage Protector

ActiveImage Protector is a replacement (or complementary solution) to existing backup solutions, but offers a great deal of flexibility with data recovery and full system disaster recovery. ActiveImage Protector creates intelligent incremental sector level backup replicas (up to every 5 minutes) that can be mounted (for file recovery), directly booted (for DR or DR testing) ,replicated (for cloud DR and an off-site data copy) or Virtualised (and updated as each new incremental update occurs)  to a high performance standby VM on Hyper-V or ESX with up to 30 boot points for failover boot time  flexibility. The vStandby functionality provides an ideal solution for physical or virtual servers that need to be recovered and be available for business operations in a very short time, either from the last point in time, or a prior boot point to cater for corruption or virus infections etc.

Test Drive

Both ActiveImage Protector and IT Pro are available for fully functional trials by accessing the trial link below:

ActiveImage Product Links

ActiveImage Webinar:

There will be a webinar in February 2019 to provide more detailed information about the IT Operational challenges that ActiveImage solves and to talk through typical ActiveImage  use scenarios. An email will be sent out with the webinar registration link in late January 2019.

Promotional Pricing

Promotional Notes

Bundle pricing available with a purchase of IT Pro.

Pricing is in NZD and is GST Exclusive.

Pricing only valid to ALGIM members.

Proof required for competitive crossgrade / upgrades.


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