Finalists announced for the 2018 IRM and GIS Awards

27 Apr 2018 2:21 PM | Anonymous

The finalists for our GIS and IRM Project of the Year Awards have been announced. Congratulations to the below nominees. If you haven't already registered for the conference - don't miss out, register now.

Our 2018 Autumn Awards Finalists

Information and Records Management Project of the Year

The Mother of all Migrations - Ashburton District Council - One of a few councils that hasn't implemented their own EDRMS, ADC took the lessons learnt from their local government colleagues and provided a migration solution that worked well beyond expectations.

Project Jarvis: MDC's Journey to a Digital Workplace - Manawatu District Council - This project has been described as a 'unicorn', a project so rare to be almost mythical. On time, under budget, hardly any upheaval within the organisation, and it actually met all its objectives.

Pahiatua Photographic History Preservation Project - Tararua District Council - An opportunity, a passing remark, a blossoming idea, a burgeoning plan, a not negotiable timeframe, a hot potato budget and a once-bitten/twice doubting community. These were the ingredients for a small but extremely impactful project. 

GIS Project of the Year Award

New Plymouth Digital District Plan - New Plymouth District Council - A cutting edge regulatory tool, NPDC is the first council to create a district plan drafted directly into a property-based e-plan. The e-plan not only allows for more efficient and effective planning practice, but starts the process of demystifying planning information and equips people with the tools to start adopting a planning mindset. 

An Enhanced Picture of Water Allocation in Northland - Northland Regional Council - NRC's newly implemented Water Allocation Tool has provided greatly improved accuracy and capabilities. Not only did the increased accuracy improve the usefulness of the tool for decision making, resourcing and planning, it has also provided data reliable enough to be presented to the public using an online map viewer.

The Time of the Drone is NOW! - Tararua District Council - Being a predominantly rural council, with a fairly small ratepayer base, there's the impression that technology might pass TDC by - not so. Drones are not just a fun distraction for TDC – they are the working tools of a brand new role: Projects Specialist. They expect that drones will become a core part of council business and they're making it happen now.

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