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What is Locofone?

In a new initiative for your organisation, ALGIM has reached a business arrangement with Fonebank, a world leader in the reuse & recycling of mobile phones and tablets.  Through ALGIM, Fonebank will purchase mobile devices from councils at an excellent rate, varying according to type, age and condition.


Why should I send my phones to ALGIM?

Councils can demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility objectives through:

  • Reuse – devices are refurbished for sale in third world countries, providing affordable communication in areas where telecommunications are inefficient or non-existent.
  • Recycle – zero landfill pollution. Obsolete devices, or those beyond economic repair are recycled according to NZ recycling standards.
  • Recover – the residual value in your phone to be used to offset the cost of new equipment.


But I now donate my phones to Starship

Councils can choose to donate the Locofone proceeds directly to a not-for-profit organisation (including Starship). Note that phones donated to Starship under the present system return only a few dollars per phone to Starship. However under the ALGIM system Starship (or the Not For Profit you choose) will most probably, on reusable, newer and middle range devices, get a significantly bigger return than they are getting at present - a much greater benefit - via ALGIM.  We will send your refund directly to your chosen charity together with a covering letter attributing your donation.


Some of our phones have sensitive data, how can I be sure this is secured?

Fonebank offers the option of certified erasure of sensitive data using Blancco Data Deletion technology. A small fee will be deducted from your payment. See for details of Blancco’s data deletion processes.


How much will my old phones be worth?

Prices vary according to the size, age and condition.  Obsolete & broken phones have no value. They will be recycled in accordance with NZ recycling standards. 

Values for basic phones in working order can average around $17.  Smart phones on the other hand can be worth considerably more.  Locofone will also recycle tablets and these can fetch very good prices. We will be happy to quote you the latest prices.  

View the indicative price list (PDF, 45.8 KB) to give you some idea of the levels of recovery you might achieve.


How does it all work?

When you have collected at least 15 phones together, pack the phones without accessories or chargers, into a handy box with a reasonable amount of protective packaging.  You can also download a shipment form from here: Recycled Phone Schedule (DOCX, 25.1 KB) on which you can record details of the phones you are sending.  Place one copy of the completed shipment form with the phones when you package them.


E-mail Locofone at to advise us that you are ready to send phones in and how many you have.



c/- 6 Atlas Place

Mairangi Bay,

North Shore City

Auckland 0632


We will arrange a courier to pick up the phones – we cover courier costs.

If you have less than 15 phones use NZ Post to get the phones to us.  Let us know the freight costs and we will reimburse you with your phone payment.

Once we have received and checked the phones you will be sent a schedule of the phones received and the date on which we made payment into your bank account.

If you have elected to have your payment passed to a charity such as Starship we will pass payment to them together with a letter which will acknowledge your donation.  We will send you a copy of this letter confirming the payment.


That sounds great!  How do I get on board?

All you need to do right now is to register.  Please click on the Registration Form link below which will provide us with some information about who will be our main contact, how you will want your payment made etc.  After that just start collecting phones!



Phone Collection

Please complete the PHONE COLLECTION FORM when you have recycled phones ready to be collected.


Locofone Poster

View and print off the Locofone poster here! (PDF, 175.5 KB)


Further Information:

For more information about Locofone please contact:

Jim Higgins, ALGIM's Business Development Manager

PO Box 849, Palmerston North 4440

Ph: 04 476 8967, Mob: 021 963 268