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Association of Local Government Information Management

ALGIM Web Audits

About the Audit

The Association of Local Government Information Management (ALGIM) commissioned its annual survey of all city, district, regional and unitary Council websites throughout New Zealand (a total of 78).   

There are two main objectives of the overall ALGIM survey:

  1. To identify a ranking of sites - to celebrate organisations trying to achieve compliance with the web standards and enhance accessibility and functionality and to provide justification for council's wishing to improve their website, especially during any future redesigning or revamping of a website.

  2. To record the current state of standards compliance, functionality, online services, accessibility and best practice factors among council websites.  Audit results collected over several years allow the trends in council websites improving functionality,  accessibility and usability to be tracked, analysed and reported.

The audit also includes an online survey open for councils to complete which provides an overview of how they manage their website, what software applications they use, and online functionality provided i.e. snapshot of the sector.  Results from these Audits will be available after the ALGIM Spring Conference, held in September each year. For more information, please refer to the ALGIM Local Government Website Snapshot Survey page.


2017 ALGIM Web Report

The 2017 Web Report has been completed - see this link for more information.


Please note:

  • Your website may have changed or improved since our review period.
  • Mobile tests were undertaken by the Blind Foundation.
  • Although multifaceted, this is a very light assessment and may not reflect the best or worst practices across a whole council site.


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Web Audit Enquiries

Please email if you have any queries regarding the  ALGIM Web Audit or for enquiries regarding previous years audits.