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Association of Local Government Information Management

ALGIM IT Satisfaction Survey

Measure your IT Team for better results!


How does your IT unit rate within your organisation?

Take part in the ALGIM IT Satisfaction Survey and benchmark your IT team for better results!


This online internal survey of your IT team’s performance provides a first-hand account about how your organisation views your IT section.  It offers a benchmark of how staff, including management, view the services and support offered by their respective IT teams, and over time will provide the opportunity for NZ Councils to compare their results from previous years in order to identify areas of improvement and concern.



  • Understand how your IT users perceive the quality of service from your IT department.
  • The survey helps you identify areas of concern and gives evidence, to both Audit and EMT, of how IT is viewed within your organisation.
  • The opportunity to assess how your council compares user satisfaction with other NZ Local Authorities of a similar size.
  • In return for taking part you will receive comprehensive reports in the form of summarised Word documents and PowerPoint presentations, both for your organisation and the survey sample as a whole. 
  • The data for your organisation is also available in .CSV format.
  • You can add an unlimited number of your own customised questions.
  • Each organisation can choose the order of the questions and decide whether or not to use the standard, generic questions. 
  • Comment fields can be added if needed.
  • Questions can be grouped or clustered around specific areas (e.g. you may wish to separate the questions and results for different areas – such as information technology / information management).


Costs (excluding gst)

Below are the prices (excluding GST) for the initial survey.  If you wish to be provided with the trend analysis and comparison to other councils this will be an additional $210 (excluding GST):

  • Small Council $415 (under 50,000 population)
  • Medium Council $825 (50,000 to 100,000 population)
  • Large Council $1030 (over 100,000 population)
  • Benchmarking against other councils $210 (additional)

If you are unsure as to the classification of your Council size, please contact ALGIM on 06 351 6334 or email


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For more information about the ALGIM IT Satisfaction Survey please call ALGIM on (06) 351 6334 or email


Take part in the ALGIM IT Satisfaction Survey and benchmark your IT team for better results!