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Association of Local Government Information Management

Access Self-Assessment Module

This module provides a tool to assist Councils to regularly assess their information management systems and practices against best practice as defined by Archives New Zealand.

The rationale for the development of this particular module is to enable self-assessment by local authorities against the mandatory standards released by Archives New Zealand.  From 2010 Archives New Zealand has a role carrying out audits of central government agencies against those standards but not local authorities, although the mandatory standards under the Public Records Act still apply to local authorities.

The module aligns with the audit framework and self-assessment questionnaire developed by Archives New Zealand for use with central government agencies.  It includes methodologies and checklists for carrying out self-audits, and simple reporting tools. It is designed so that the action of self-assessment is repeatable allowing local authorities to measure change and improvement in assessed results following each self-audit.

This module is available as a separate module for purchase.  To purchase this module please complete the order form and email it to (DOC, 47 KB)


Information Management Toolkit Self-Assessment Module