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Association of Local Government Information Management

Develop at Your Desk: New ALGIM Webinars

Monday 9 January 2017


Upcoming Webinar: Information Management 101 – Learn the Basics and Be Aware 

Wednesday 22nd March, 11am, $30.00 per person

Are you a newbie to IM, or would like a refresher on what a record actually is and why you should bother to manage information?

On Wednesday 22nd March ALGIM will be running a 30-minute webinar on Information Management 101 for Local Authorities. This session will cover basic IM concepts and practices and is a great opportunity for anyone working within our data-driven Councils. Cost per person is $30.00.

Register yourself here – registrations close Tuesday 21st

ALGIM Webinars

As a part of the ALGIM ICT Training Academy we are pleased to announce that in 2017 we will be launching a new schedule of webinars, with presentations and workshops occurring throughout the year. We will bring in leading experts, speakers and technology providers to create tailored content for our members, in particular:

  • In depth training and technical workshops
  • Personal development for ICT and management skills
  • Information sessions with key tech partners for Councils using their systems and software
  • Submission discussions – for gathering and sharing information relating to Central Government policy changes

These will cover a range of topics. Some we are looking at including are:

  • Introduction to Infobase
  • Drones
  • Cloud Risk
  • Get Recognition with ALGIM Awards
  • Zeacom Administration
  • Security Policies
  • PRA
  • Trapeze

However, we want to hear from you – what would you like to learn about or discuss? Let us know your ideas and needs as we create a plan for this year by emailing Shivarn Stewart our Communications & Marketing Manager at