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Association of Local Government Information Management

The Geospatial Forecast: Cloudy

Friday 3 February 2012

2012 ALGIM GIS Symposium, 2 & 3 April 2012

James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor, Wellington


ALGIM is excited to announce that David Swann, Chief Executive Officer for NorthsSouth GIS New Zealand (formerly Explorer Graphics Ltd), will present at the 2012 ALGIM GIS Symposium, to be held 2 & 3 April 2012 at the James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor in Wellington.

David served 12 years with the British Army as a Geographic Officer. From 1997-2008 he worked for Esri in Redlands, California as a Director of Business. During this time, he travelled the world giving seminars on the applications of Imagery and GIS, particularly in the context of enterprise implementations and mission-critical environments.

In 2008, the Swann family moved to New Zealand where David took on his role as CEO for NSG NZ. Over the last two years, NSG NZ has nearly doubled in size by accurately predicting and then leading the way to the geospatial future.

Geospatial technology is becoming pervasive throughout local government in New Zealand. As we once again peer into the future, clouds lie ahead. The geospatial cloud now offers the opportunity for local government to take advantage of geospatial capabilities without the need to worry about pouring capital into infrastructure. Or does it?

David’s session “The Geospatial Forecast: Cloudy” will look at today’s capabilities and limitations, identifies trends to monitor and then attempts the impossible; predicting how local government might be using the geospatial cloud in five years’ time.

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