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Web & Digital Professional Development Award

This award aims to recognise individuals who display excellent potential within the Local Government web and digital sector.  The award recognises that people are an important asset in adding value to an organisation and to the achievement of its goals. 

The recipient of this award will have the opportunity to undertake professional development in order to enhance their career and the skills they have to offer their Council by attending an established web related conference / course.  Refer to the ‘Prizes’ section in the Guidelines and Information document for details on options available to this year’s award recipient. 

ALGIM is seeking nominations for web and digital staff at all levels.


Award Criteria / Required Information

1.  The nominator needs to explain in 500 – 700 words (bullet points accepted) why the nominee
     should be considered for the ALGIM Web & Digital Professional Development Award.  Refer
     to the 'Assessment Guide’ section below for guidance on the key points your nomination
     should address.

2.  Nominees for the ALGIM Web & Digital Professional Development Award need to be an
     employee of a local authority throughout the entire duration of the award process.  This
     includes the time of the 2017 ALGIM Spring Conference and the conference / course
     that the successful recipient chooses to attend, to maintain eligibility.  The award prize is
     non-transferable should the recipient no longer be an employee of a local authority.

3.  In addition to the above information, please include a brief biographical outline of the
     nominee, including education, employment and other activities.

4.  Attach to your online entry form any / all additional supporting material, media and references
     that help to provide a clear understanding of your entry.  We ask that you consider the size of
     any such supplementary information when submitting your entry (max 5MB per attachment).

5.  The judging panel’s decision is final.


Assessment Guide

Nominations for the Web & Digital Professional Development Award will be assessed on the following key areas:

Provide a brief outline of the IT, Web and / or Organisational challenges facing the nominee’s Council.

Background & Achievements
Outline the nominee’s experience in Web & Digital and what they intend to achieve by attending a conference / course suggested by the successful recipient, approved by ALGIM.

State how the nominee’s professional development will be of benefit to themselves, their Council and their customers. 


Award Documentation

Nomination Form coming...

Award entry closing date yet to be set.


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